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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An intense week

It's been quite the week. We got our puppy early, which was a nice bonus, and began playing with him and feeding him. Happy puppy. Happy family. Everything was good.

Then, two days later, while going to work the morning after rain and a temperature drop, my partner, Louise, slipped on snow-covered ice and broke her elbow. It was bad. It needed surgery, and wires to hold it together. Connor and I both fell going to her aid. Evil ice! It was as though it was going after the entire family! We two males were okay, luckily, though my own badly bruised elbow and knee still smart when I put pressure on them.

So we rushed to the hospital. After waiting a day to be sure surgery was necessary, we struggled (with the help of the surgeon) to get Louise into the O.R. as quickly as possible. Such an overloaded health care system! This is no surprise, of course. But things seem worse and painfully clear when someone you love is hurt. The brain tends to work that way, I think. Maybe it's just us, but we don't think someone with a shattered elbow should have to sit in a gown all day, I.V. in arm, waiting for surgery. The triage nurse told us they had admitted a whole bunch of slip-and-fall cases that slippery day. Stupid weather.

At the hospital we got upset. The staff were great. They just don't have the resources and space. So, after fuming at the hospital, I would drive home, where I would get angry with the puppy for doing his business in the wrong places. I know, he's just a puppy and doing what comes natural to puppies. We hadn't had time to get him a cage or start to train him properly when the accident happened. I think I went through a truckload of paper towels in one week. Compounding all this was the usual stress of life.

To cut a long and stress-filled story short, Louise is home and recovering. Her prognosis is good. And the puppy is starting to do his thing on the puppy pads. Happy day! I spent the past week tending to my family. And though my blog is back on my radar, my priorities as clear as ever.

Clearer, in fact.


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