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Saturday, January 14, 2006


We're getting a puppy. Which is different than having a puppy. For one thing, an entire household of people having puppies (or a collective puppy) would be quite disruptive and upsetting. I mean, how would you know whose puppy to focus on?

No, we're getting an actual canine, in two week's time. He's part Maltese and part Yorkshire Terrier. So, that makes him a Morkie, I guess. Or would that be a Yorktese?

Anyway, I understand he's tiny and very cute. I suppose many beings start out that way. In his case, he'll never be very big. Which is fine. Though I like big dogs, it's not as if this Etobicoke neighbourhood needs more dog. They seem to be everywhere. Four doors up the road is a house where the dogs empty their bowels freely and the owners never pick up after them. My god, their front yard is a festival of poo. We call it Casa Caca. Believe me, you step carefully after a strong wind or heavy rain.

Well, it's our turn to make our canine contribution to the neighbourhood. Actually, I'm looking forward to it: I haven't had a pet since I was in high school. They always seemed to be so much trouble. When I was single, what I valued most was the mobility to enjoy my social life. A pet would've screwed that up. But now I'm happily rooted, so I think I can deal with an animal.

Yup, we're getting a small puppy. And we'll all focus on the little guy. Which I'm sure will really trip him out and make him bark at us. We'll all go "awww" and handle him with rough affection. Given his breed mix, he'll look like a little mop, or maybe a four-legged wise man.

But if he poos in my office, where I write this blog ... then I'll have a puppy.


Blogger Blogster said...

Well now, ##NAME##, I'm holding you personally responsible for making me think today. I really wasn't planning on it! I was lurking around Blogspot for stuff on Yorkshire Terrier Puppies and I ended up on your blog. More specifically, on your post ##TITLE##. I figured I could get away with out thinking at all today, but along comes your post! Can't say I agree wholeheartedly, but against all odds you got me thinking! Thanks for the wake-up call ;o) .

3:21 PM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

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