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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Philosopher and the Ad Exec

Today, while listening to DNTO on CBC Radio, I wrote this imaginary exchange between a philosopher and an advertising executive:

P: I think, therefore—
A: You think less of yourself.
P: Do you mean that thinking inevitably leads to self doubt? Or do you mean that simply knowing I’m a thinker will lead to self doubt?
A: What do you think?
P: I think you’re trying to play with me.
A: No. You think, therefore you think I’m trying to play with you.
P: Are you trying to play with me?
A: I already am playing with you.
P: You play, therefore—
A: You get played.
P: Do you mean that I get played generally speaking? Or do you mean I am getting played at this very moment?
A: That very moment has passed. And if you’re going to speak generally and not make your thoughts clear, then you will get played.
P: So will I get played in the future?
A: I don’t know your future.
P: Aren’t advertising people paid to make the future happen?
A: We’re paid to play. And the future will happen. Are these two related?
P: Now you’re playing MY game.
A: Surely by now this is our game. It takes two to make this work.
P: Those two are the player and the played?
A: Now you’re getting my game.
P: I think I already got your game.
A: You think, therefore you got my game.
P: Therefore I have played your game.
A: You think?
P: Therefore I am.
A: Played.
P: Well played.
A: You're beautiful.


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