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Saturday, December 03, 2005


I have a headache. My eyes are burning. I'm getting chills. And, worst of all, my nasopharynx is sore and raw.

Which probably means I'm coming down with a cold.


One of the things I hate most about colds is that they force me to think about my nasopharynx! I mean, why else would I think about this strange and transitional part of my anatomy? Really, who among us, apart from a nose, ear, and throat specialist, would give any thought whatsoever to the nasopharynx? So I am asking you to think about it now. Yours. Mine. Plato's perfect nasopharynx. Hell, we're here now, so any one of them will do.

But we're in tricky territory. You see, even Wikipedia was reluctant to talk about it. And given Wiki is a public forum, I can only assume its standards are those of society! When I did a search for the term nasopharynx, the site redirected me to the general search term, pharynx, apparently a more acceptable, more... palatable area of the body. I know, in polite society one does not broach the subject of one's nasopharyngeal problems.

So am I like that guy who gets drunk and emotional at a dinner party, causing everyone else to stare at each for confirmation of their social superiority! Please tell me I haven't crossed that line! You see what happens when you look inward and start gazing at your nasopharynx? You lose perspective and judgement.

Thankfully, there are drugs. If this becomes a full-blown cold, I will pick me up some powerful antihistimines. I assure you, when I take those, my focus will be quite outward. Spacey, in fact. And I won't think about my nasopharynx again ... until my next cold.


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