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Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Gleaner Column

A little bit more about me.

I write a column for a small community newspaper called The Village Gleaner. In my column, Divercity, I explore and profile various ethnic and cultural communities in Toronto's west end - Parkdale, High Park, Bloor West Village, and eastern Etobicoke.

Here's just one, which was reprinted on this blog.

I've also written for the other two Gleaner monthlies - The Annex Gleaner and The Liberty Gleaner. In my humble, and biased, opinion, these are great newspapers. The editorial staff - Annemarie Brissenden (editor-in-chief), Karen Mackenzie, Peter Armstrong, Lydia Hanson, and staff photographer Brendan Donaghey - and the freelancers really roll up their sleeves, learn about their communities, and put together some interesting stories. It's a great team. Karen Mackenzie is the managing editor at The Village Gleaner, and has also contributed to James Koole's blog.

As for my contribution to the Gleaner papers, you can read more of my stories here. Just click on the Articles tab.

Okay. I've plugged three gigs. That should do for now.



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