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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not the Final Vinyl

No, I'm not talking about LP records. Well, not directly. I'm talking about Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe books. Many who know McLean's well-known show on CBC Radio show also know about his books, which look in on the lives of record store owner Dave, his wife Morley, and their two children, Stephanie and Sam. I got three Vinyl Cafe books for Christmas last year.

My brother and his wife had chosen wisely, and they were correct when they asked, "You like that kind of stuff, right?"

Having heard the radio show a few times before, I read the first book immediately, saving the second and third for later. I like to savour really good stories, the way I take my time with a sweet and delicious dessert.

When I read about Dave's screw-ups and misadventures, I nod and grin with pleasure. I could say a lot about McLean's brillant storytelling, his honest insight, and his impeccable timing. But I'll just say this: few writers can make me laugh by the end of the first sentence, and then choke me up as I read the last sentence... I know, I'm a medium-size softie.

I'm already looking forward to next Christmas!

Maybe I won't wait that long.


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