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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I enjoyed King Kong, which opens tomorrow (we had passes to the advance screening).

Though the fight scene between Kong and the dinosaurs is a little overdone, it is fun to watch. And the relationship between Ann Darrow (played by Naomi Watts) and King Kong has more depth to it than in previous Kong flicks. At times I got a little tired of her wordless, doe-eyed stares. But then it occurred to me she's looking for beauty IN the beast, to restore her faith in something, anything, perhaps herself. And besides, just what kind of conversation can you really have with a giant gorilla? Less is more in the dialogue department, I think. And there are times when her acting is radiant. Other performances I enjoyed were those of Adrien Brody and Jack Black, who play the writer and producer respectively. Watch for the scene in which the group is attacked by giant insects. Note the unflinching ferocity with which Brody and Black (and other characters) fight back. The creepy crawlies are deeply horrifying. But this doesn't stop the determined writer and the savvy producer from New York. They don't look like tough guys, but they are. They toil in a tough industry, in a tough city, in a tough era (The Great Depression). Yes, Kong's world is a savage place, and I side with him in his noble fight. But the beasts on his island have never run up against the brutality of men who are driven by the terrifying prospect of utter failure.

Kong never stood a chance.


Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

Lucky dog... hope I get to see that on the big screen!

3:04 PM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

Haha. Yes. I hesitated to admit that aspect. But then I decided it's relevant to the experience. It was free, but I still say it's a great big screen flick worth seeing. Some of the shots in NYC are amazing.

3:45 PM  

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