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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Revisiting The Stone Roses

Yesterday I listened The Stone Roses' 1989 d├ębut CD for the umpteenth time.

This music is nothing less than inspired. The arrangements, the vocal harmonies, and the sheer melodic power of this work set it apart from most of the other music that was out in the late 1980s, when my friends and I were in university. John Squire's guitar playing is absolutely amazing. He deftly selects his notes, at times lifting the listener to the heavens, and at other times charging downward with intense, gritty urgency. And Ian Brown sings his irreverent and uncompromising lyrics with the angry longing of an abandoned angel. The drums and bass serve as a steady thumping jumping-off point for this music that for a brief moment in history managed to soar way above the crowd.


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