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Monday, September 19, 2005

Meeting somewhere

Rumour has it the board of directors is meeting here.

No. That's false. I was kidding.

The point is, wherever the board meets, I just hope they talk until they can all agree to do what is necessary and ask Rabinovitch et al just how the lockout and management's intransigence regarding the contract worker issue is fulfilling the corporation's mandate to serve the Canadian public.

Because believe me, in the middle of what many call "nowhere," there are people who truly feel that way without their CBC.

So, board members, if you're reading this (not likely), remember who you serve. Don't leave them nowhere.

Don't leave me nowhere. Hell, just don't leave me in debt. I need my project back to help pay for, well, my project.

...I hope your meeting spot is really nice, with haute cuisine, and trays of nice desserts. You know what I'm talking about. Read my profile. And read the other blogs!



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