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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


That's enough blogosphere for today. There are too many anonymous writers, and too much information I can't possibly qualify. It's kind of tripping me out!

Well, in the absence of any clear answers, I am strangely buoyed by the timeless and universal truth that management will try to get the most for the least, and the union will try to get the most for as long as they can, that it's just bargaining, not voodoo. So I hope the talks do what they're intended to do -- help the two sides arrive at a good deal. Simple, right?

It sounds naive and optimistic, I know. But hey, it's better than going to bed dreading the thought of no CBC, no future for public broadcasting, and the utter pointlessness and high cost of gathering material for a radio documentary that may never come to fruition.

Lately I've started wearing my night guard, just in case I start grinding my teeth again.

Speaking of grinding, if you haven't had your fill of opinions and perspectives for the day, here's a link to one of my favourite sites:

Now, time for some real work -- grocery shopping -- and other writing.

Ta ta.


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