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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Two you

My partner and I were at the U2 show last night.

Someone had purchased tickets for us long ago. A thoughtful gift. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to go. Too expensive.

Now I've been a fan of U2 since I was in high school. I just love the passion they convey with their punchy beats, lofty bass runs, escalating guitar sequences, and urgent lyrics. Bono is a natural performer. Even if you don't like U2's music, you have to admit the man knows how to work a room. People talk about his big ego. Well, like politicians, performers must have strong egos to withstand the barbs and arrows of critics.

Speaking of critics and politics...

I have mixed views about celebs using their positions as platforms to draw awareness to causes. At times I think it's fine to do this; other times it just seems over the top. Not politically, necessarily, but in terms of audience membership and the joy of letting loose at a concert.

Last night on the massive screens over the stage, which I'll admit were impressive to watch, Paul Martin's name and number streamed across the pixels. This occurred during a portion of one song. No big deal, right? Well, there I was, trying to enjoy my evening and forget the CBC and blogs and careers and all that shit, when I was immediately reminded of the question lingering in the back of my mind: "What, if anything, is Martin or anyone big going to do about the lockout?"

*&#!. We're talking Bono here, so I shouldn't have been surprised. Don't get me wrong. I had fun and would go again. And thanks, bro', for the tickets! I still like U2.

But at that moment, I knew what I was going to do. I sat down. So did my partner. My partner and I shrugged at each other. And we never quite regained that sweet performer-listener intimacy that Bono is so adept at creating. My mind was temporarily locked out of the show.

Now my CBC-related angst is hardly Bono's problem. But while he was speaking about equality and Toronto and Canada, it would've been nice if he'd said, And to all the locked out freelancers who give their heart and soul to CBC projects, and who now have a blog no one has fucking well deigned to leave a message on...! The crowd, already whipped up, would've gone wild as the eminently charismatic Irishman turned the spotlight on me. It would've been cool, and I would've felt all warm inside (and not just from the beer), and tens of thousands of people would've been motivated right there! Hell, he could've pulled me on stage (though I was too far away) and asked me to work the tubs (drummer talk -- I used to play) for a while. The pied-drummer, maan!

I would've been a hero. I could've been someone, instead of a locked out freelancer bum, which is what I am. :-( (- :

I know, I took you from Bono to Brando with no warning, no segue. Sorry. And I don't mean to be a big ungrateful baby about the show last night.

... Okay, in truth, I needed blog post material and the concert seemed a perfect fit.

Really, I just hope the negotiations go well this weekend. So to the two teams at the table, remember, Bono might just be watching.

I know the rest of us are.


Blogger Laurence said...

Hmmm! Fantasizing AND fishing for reactions?????????
OK, as is usual in these cases, I'll bite.
I read your blog.
You have an audience.
We appreciate you and your work.

But I didn't get to see U2.
Which was OK for me because I was playing my own gig. Which went well.
Appreciative audiences are a good thing.

I wish the mucky-mucks at the Corp would let me have back the audience that I helped cultivate there. It's not really theirs.

Yours is though.

7:18 AM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

Hello, Laurence. Ah, finally I've been caught by the catcher of fisherbloggers. :-)

Thanks for your reply, and for reading my blog.

Your own gig? Right on. What do you play?

They are a good thing indeed. Absolutely. Hey, your sweat, your relationship -- not theirs. Here's hoping you're back with your audience soon. All of us.


9:29 AM  
Blogger Laurence said...

Violin when I'm in public. Synth when I'm in the building.
Last night was with a fine eclectic crew called Radio Nomad.
And listen for Ritmo Flamenco on Friday's Toronto Unlocked (that's one of our tunes that they are using as a theme.)
I'll trade you concert recordings for writings if you like.
(Hmmm, I must make the same offer to workerbee.)

6:41 PM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

Hi laurence,

Ah, very nice. I'll search around of Radio Nomad (I've heard the name), and will listen for the theme.

Sure, you can read my articles at

I look forward to hearing your stuff!


7:42 AM  
Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

See Laurence? We all crave feedback. :-)

I read you too, Oakwriter.

Blog on...

5:52 PM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

Thanks, cbcworkerbee!

You too. I like your blog template choice, by the way. :-)

9:39 AM  
Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

Hmm, yes... well, as Corey Hart said to David Duchovney, "I wuz here first!" (grin)

12:43 PM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

Haha. Good one. Yes, I was a blogger-come-lately... The truth is out there. ;-)

7:48 PM  

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