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Monday, September 12, 2005


The Prairie Provinces have a salutary effect on me. There is something rejuvenating and liberating about vast blueness, endless horizon, clear air, and strong wind -- reminders of a universe that has nothing whatsoever to do with human motives, foibles, and agendas. In the great outdoors I drop my mental baggage and immerse myself in the tasks at hand. Ah, the blessed and immediate relief of having things to do. (Don't worry, I'm not going to start quoting W.O. Mitchell or anything.)

Speaking of tasks, I must add that an interesting project, engaging work, great company, free food, and the joy of seeing your work in production are also pretty good for one's well-being and long-term perspective. (I remember having that at the CBC... Well, I bought some of my own food.)

This past weekend I returned from out west with a fresh, more relaxed view of things. Of course, regular life in Toronto can and will blow that to hell if I'm not careful. I suppose that's why I'm writing this now.

Quite likely others have already realized what is now clear to me: lockout blogging is not a gig! The lockout is not a client. No one is paying me for this research: I'm new, so I'm not getting lockout pay. And tuning out family members while you edit blog copy is just plain wrong.

Last week, my partner, a wise, gentle, and wonderful woman, said: "Tom, you're freaking me out!"

I had locked on the lockout. My body was locked out and my mind was locked in.

Not doing that anymore. To the forces that thwart: kiss my ---.

For now, I'll blog for the fun of it. And when the blog becomes a bog, I will just keep moving, like the dry prairie wind. I know, that's an obvious and corny simile. But today I don't care! I feel good, for the first time in weeks.

Ah, I think I can see the horizon.



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