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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another day

Today I find myself reassured by the realization that the BOD's statement may be just another play in the game.

For a brief moment last night I was in a blog-mood I would describe as the funk Dostoevsky would be in if he were alive today and listening to Nine Inch Nails while killing a bottle of vodka. I was feeling so down that I contemplated brooding just to cheer myself up! Budalump, pshhhh!

Back to today. Uh, have a nice day, quite simply. Keep passing the open windows (a John Irving reference). And for crying out loud, swat those friggin' wasps. And I don't mean the people that make up half of my family tree. They mean you no harm. I'm talking about the insects.

...I wonder if they can be trained and sent into the negotiating room... Hm. Might speed things up. You know, put things in perspective: "People, today it's wasps -- tomorrow it's locusts! Chop chop. Enjoy the dessert tray!"

Wasps love dessert.

You see, I'm willing to sacrifice tasty treats for a resolution. That's big.

Seize the day.


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