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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Back in town tonight

I figured a bit of borrowed lyric from a Tragically Hip song was as good a title as any to restart my blogging. It's been, what, four or five months now. I figured it was time to saddle up and ride back into town. I fired up my email this evening and saw that someone had stumbled upon my blog posts about our Morkie pup, Timmy, and was wondering what it was like to own such a beast. That's all it took - to see that someone was looking for information or opinions I could actually provide.

(I will provide doggy feedback to this aforementioned individual via email. Suffice it to say, Timmy is healthy and crazy and lots of fun.)

For those who came to my blog from time to time and wondered what happened to me, it's not that I stopped blogging out of anger or on some kind of sour note or anything. I simply lost my rhythm for a while, as my working days got very long and very tiring. You see, I'd fallen into debt (that's another story) and therefore had to take a day gig in order to earn some steady cash. So, I took a job working with underwriters in a mortgage company. Some may've seen my last post and wondered what the hell I was talking about. After all, I am supposed to be a writer. Many a writer (some famous ones) has done other stuff while writing. Besides, aspects of my job are vaguely journalistic: I get documents, do online investigations, conduct short interviews, and then do write-ups for the files. Occasionally I even edit the work of others. It's not glamorous but it does pay okay. Anyone who knows the mortgage/housing industry knows it is absolutely insane during summer. Hence the hiatus.

Enough other work talk. Back to writing. I'm still taking freelance gigs and writing for the community papers from time to time. And I do have some other, bigger, irons in the fire, some weenies on the stick, marshmallows on the roast, what have you. I know, those are tedious and trite metaphors. Or just tedious. No one uses those last two.

Ahhhh. Few, if any, may notice my return, but it feels good to be home just the same.

Talk to you sooner than later.


Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

Welcome back, Tom. I'll check in more often now that I know you're back.

4:21 PM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

Thanks for checking in, Joe. I'll be posting more than every few months. In fact, I should post again soon! :-)

7:49 PM  

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