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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This feels weird ... in a good way

I woke up this morning and, for the first time in seven weeks, didn't wonder what the blogs had to say. Sounds cold, I know: use 'em up and toss 'em away. Hardly.

Thanks to Tod and all the bloggers, the people on the line, and the folks who left comments on the blogs, I have felt connected to something amazing - a new and evolving community of storytellers. It's been a honour to share the blogosphere with so many dedicated, intelligent, and talented people. And I don't think I'll ever look at labour disputes the same way again. I know I said I've never been much of a joiner, but I know a good fight when I see it. The bargaining team fought for its people and for the cause of public broadcasting. I respect that.

And to the funny bloggers who made me laugh, especially Matt, a big THANKS! The CBC needs your brilliance! Get in there and help make the country laugh. What would that sound like? Actually, it might be a little startling and disconcerting. But in a good way. :-)

As for my blog, I'm going to continue with it. The lockout introduced me to blogging. I'm glad it did. This can be a great medium. So I'm going to keep on writing here. It'll be a companion to my regular website.

I look forward to seeing where this experience will take all of us.

Thanks everyone.


Blogger Laurence said...

I'll still be checking!
Maybe you should feel paranoid or stalked or something.............
Anyway, if you want more music, stop by Outfront and I'll burn a CD or 2.

8:38 PM  
Blogger oakwriter said...

Hi Laurence!

Thanks. Haha. No, I'm flattered. And I'll certainly stop by for more music. :-)


5:44 AM  

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