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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Comment on Comments

Perhaps I've grown weary of all the speculation and anxiety. Or maybe I'm just tired of thinking up blog post ideas for a story that grinds on. The new locale and the looming presence of Joe Fontana helped me for a couple days. But when it comes right down to it, it's all about the two teams squaring off and getting a deal in place. Same shit, different city? I seriously hope not.

Still, I need another diversion.

So I find myself looking at numbers. More specifically, I've been looking at the numbers of comments made about the news items on Now, my investigative process is hardly what you'd call statistically sound and meaningful. But I do find some mild amusement in the results.

From the past few days (at last count):

Ottawa picket line and the feed -- 24
Inside the negotiating room -- 10
Standing down on the line -- 8
How to blow up the TBC (legally) -- 7
Fontana scrum -- 6
Read the Hansards -- 2
MPs aren't going to yell at Rabinovitch just yet -- 1
Question Period in Parliament -- 1
G&M article report's Fontana's hope -- 0

Now I've stayed away from the more personal stuff on the site. Just out of respect.

I know. My methodology is not only flawed, it's just plain nonexistent. However, isn't it funny that the closer we get to the Hill, the less people have to say? People are interested in the real battle, and the video game, it seems. The Globe and Mail zero at the end of the list? Uh, that's my control? A red herring? Okay, clearly I'm no statistician.

I've completely ignored the qualitative aspects of the comments. Someone could sum up an argument so well that other readers feel no need to comment. Granted. And no doubt there are other qualitative factors and explanations...

... Okay, so much for statistics. I took it in university and hated it. I also hated my industrial relations course. Funny.



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