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Sunday, September 04, 2005


I've been told I am a member of the CMG by virtue of my freelancing for Outfront. I suppose this makes sense: if you're covered by collective bargaining then you're part of the collective. However, my project was halted mid-production when this lockout began, so no money has changed hands. As this is my first project with the CBC, I assumed I was still in limbo as far as membership status goes, that I was a supplier.

Strange, hazy zone to be in. I'm seeing more and more why so many want permanent employee status. Of course, I wouldn't be devoting so much of my thought and energy to this stuff if the lockout hadn't occurred to begin with. Funny that.

By the way, the above photo was taken during happier times -- while I was working on my project this past July. Note the rosy optimism on my face! Little did I know...


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